Kirin Ichiban


Golden & Refreshing


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Kirin Ichiban has been brewed to the same levels of distinction since 1888. The “beer at its purest” of the brewing world, Ichiban Shibori brewing process ensures that only the first press of the finest ingredients is used. This simplistic approach results in a uniquely impactful flavour and depth of character whilst retaining a highly refreshing nature. Kirin Ichiban is named after the kirin, a creature in Chinese mythology. It has the body of a deer, the tail of an ox and the hooves of a horse. With a single horn on its head and a pelt of five colours, the kirin symbolises well-being and good fortune. Kirin has a clear, bright golden colour, citrus and toasty biscuit aromas and an initial, crisp refreshing bite, leading into a surprising depth of flavour on the palate, and intensely satisfying clean finish.